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Website design and development

Looking for a highly robust and cost-effective website? My websites are built from the code level, allowing me to produce websites that are truly custom and stable. My quality is so high that there are no "maintenance fees," and I fix code errors for free.

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My portfolio

I've been designing and developing websites for over 5 years. I've built sites for small businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. Below are a few of the recent projects that I've completed.

Automated Mailer / Blog / Bus Database
Services / Contact Forms
Inventory Management / Translator
Included in every website

Websites that drive results

I don't cut corners or skip steps. My websites include fundamental tools that ensure my clients get a website that will last for years and effectively achieve their desired results.


Know how people find you and what they do when visiting your website. Every website I build comes with Google Analytics and Google Search Console integrations.


The purpose of a website is to build your web presence. I will optimize your site to ensure you capture your target audience and outperform your competition.


No maintenance fee! My websites have built-in systems that automatically backs up data, performs updates, and tests new configurations.


I will catch errors before your website visitors do. Every webpage has a built-in testing system that automatically informs me if there are any code or on-page errors.